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Nous campons sur les rives - Nanterre-Amandiers

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Nous campons sur les rives

Conception and staging

Hubert Colas


Mathieu Riboulet

23 January — 9 February 2020
Création 2020
First performed on 23th January 2020 at Nanterre-Amandiers, centre dramatique national

The names of certain discreet artists are passed on like a talisman or a token of recognition. Mathieu Riboulet (1960-2018) is one of them. Stage director Hubert Colas and actors Frédéric Leidgens and Thierry Raynaud recently discovered a shared passion for Riboulet’s work. Together, they felt the desire to bring these texts forth – starting with Nous campons sur les rives. This luminous meditation may well be the most beautiful introduction to his writing.

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