Cascade - Nanterre-Amandiers

Kim Gordon, courtesy 303 Gallery, New York. Photo John Berens

7 avenue Pablo‑Picasso
Nanterre, FR 92022



Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods

Création 2020
Estimated duration
Grande salle
With the Festival d'Automne à Paris

With the support of Hermès corporate foundation as part of its program "New Settings"

Races, cascading falls, sequences of bodies stumbling around and attempting to regain balance, vacillating rules, principles that transform and interrupt themselves, etc. For this piece – created collaboratively with seven performers, director and set designer Philippe Quesne and musician Brendan Dougherty – Meg Stuart utilized a number of physical principles aimed at building up the intensity circulating on stage.

Like a machine gone wild, bearings gradually fall out of kilter. The arrangement of space and time keeps changing as actions unfold, forcing the group of dancers and actors to adapt and come up with alternative routes, different ways to connect and move around. Enduring harsh physical conditions – fatigue, repetition, pushing the limits – they attempt to synchronize their rhythms and build time islets, sheltered from chaos.

This genesis-meets-doomsday environment created by Philippe Quesne magnifies our perception of this vacillating zone. A physical concert accompanied by drummers’ beats or a meditation on time, CASCADE hits the reset button and reboots the coordinates of an instable reality, seeking different modes of interaction and collective organization.



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