Aatt enen tionon - Nanterre-Amandiers

Photo : Marcus Lieberenz / Foreign Affairs Berlin, 2014

7 avenue Pablo‑Picasso
Nanterre, FR 92022

Aatt enen tionon


Boris Charmatz | terrain

14 — 16 October 2020
40 min
Plateau de la salle transformable
Part of Boris Charmatz's Portrait presented by the Festival d’Automne à Paris

With the Maison de la musique of Nanterre

Show created in February 9th, 1996 at La Halle aux Grains-Scène nationale de Blois as part of the Dansez Maintenant festival

Created in 1996 by a 23-year-old choreographer, Aat enen tionon posed at once some radical questions: what’s dance without bodies flowing around and performers trading off sensations, and above all, without resorting to any “dramatic shticks”? The answer – a fascinating trio “locked in” to a three-tiered open metal scaffold – now feels like an odd omen of our contemporary worlds.

By placing the three dancers, himself included, in challenging conditions, without any possibility to touch or look at one another, Boris Charmatz pares down movement to its smallest variations and the show to its essence. Deprived of interaction, each protagonist has a limited space to move around. On a safe surface reduced to the dimensions of their platform, they engage in a gestural introspection exercise, tuned into their own organs. Conversely, the audience has a vantage point as they can appreciate the out-of-synch or synchronous movements originating from those individual exercises, thus piecing together the common score.

What Charmatz describes as “a choreographic monolith” turns out to be an utterly complex and “strictly disordered” construction which reaffirms more than ever the intrinsic power of performance. Despite all these obstacles, the tension that grows out of these three distanced bodies solely driven by their own internal logic is both simple and powerful.

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